Race Results from Saturday, October 31, 2009

Postponed ARDC Midget Feature for 2010 (Unofficial Starting Lineup) (20 laps):  Row 1: Scott Zipp and Drew Heistand; Row 2: Jimmy Commock and David Shirk; Row 3: Justin Grosz and Carey Becker; Row 4: Trevor Kobylarz and Greg Robinson; Row 5: Chris Zrinski and Tracy Readinger; Row 6: Dusty Heistand and Bruce Buckwalter Jr.; Row 7: Brett Arndt and Nick Wean; Row 8: P.J. Gargiulo and Frank Polimeda; Row 9: Steve Buckwalter and Andrew Hannula; Row 10: Eric Heydenreich and Randy Reid; Row 11: Stephanie Stevens and Bobby Goerner; Row 12: Steve Lenig and Brad Cox; Row 13: Warren Kohler and Donnie Trent; Row 14: Jason Rice.

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Not available at release time.  


Postponed 600cc Micro Sprint Feature Lineup for 11/7/09 (20 laps): Row 1: Jeff Schall and Mark Gilmore; Row 2: Kody Lehman and Shane Lewis; Row 3: Bo Gordon and Chase Dietz; Row 4: Bradley Weaver and Aaron Spahr; Row 5: Nathan Hauck and Brandon Yarlett; Row 6: Timmie Barrick and Jermain Godshall; Row 7: Shelby Harper and Chris Smith; Row 8: Bill Hagelgans and Shawn Arndt; Row 9: Zach Overmiller and Scott Scholl; Row 10: David Thrush and Jim Stake; Row 11: Todd Campbell and Brett Arndt. 

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Spahr and Weaver.


Postponed Legends Cars Feature Lineup for 11/7/09 (20 laps):  Row 1: Vernon Houseman and Blaine Leppo; Row 2: Richard Miller and Greg Burd; Row 3: Brian Weitzel and Scott Houdeshell; Row 4: Randy Kissinger and Harlin Leppo; Row 5: Reed Salony and Scott Spidle; Row 6: Chad Glatfelter and Shane Glatfelter; Row 7: Ed Wentz and Scott Gobrecht; Row 8: Brent Marquis and Bob Lash; Row 9: Jason Rochelle and Ed Trump.  

HEAT RACE WINNERS: B. Leppo and Salony.    


Postponed Byers Tires Thundercars Feature Lineup for 11/7/09 (25 laps):  Row 1: Will Walls and Greg Emlet Sr.; Row 2: Mickey Guise and Sam Gallagher Jr.; Row 3: Kyle Martin and Brian Martin; Row 4: Todd Miller and Dan Zechman.


Postponed Susquehanna Recyclers Mini Van Feature Restart Lineup for 11/7/09 (1 lap complete of 10 laps):  Single file restart with one lap complete lineup not available at release time.



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