The wives, girlfriends and moms of the SSP drivers are going to have a kidís night on Saturday, September 7th. We are looking for donations that can be used for this event. We are planning on having games, face painting, meet and greets with the drivers and much more. Donations can be of any value. Ideas could be cash, gift certificates, toys, bikes, scooters, etc. and/or if you would like to have your car on display and have a meet and greet with the kids that would be great too.

If possible we would like to have the donation items to us by August 31st so that we can be prepared for the kids on the day of the event. If you could please mark your items or put a tag on it so we know where it came from. Items can be dropped off at the following trailers. 1W Late Model (Wampler), 74 Late Model (Christine), 69 Late Model (Ehrhart) or F5 Street Stock (Frye). 

Also if any other wives, girlfriends or moms would like to help the day of the event, please let us know. 

For more information contact:

Heather: 717-577-7723 or hyingling@mtb.com

Angie: afrye@mtb.com

Beth: bcracermom74@aol.com

Misty: forrymisty@gmail.com