Photo Submission Guidelines
Updated 06/07/2009

SSP very much appreciates the efforts and talents of the photographers who faithfully practice their craft, week in and week out at the speedway.  In appreciation, SSP will be featuring some of your shots within the pages of this website.  We will also be providing a info page listing each participating photographer's contact info, so that our viewers can reach you directly. 

In order to keep this weekly process running as smoothly and quickly as possible, there are some important guidelines that we ask you to follow. 

Each week's photos will be incorporated into a new Shockwave Flash animated slideshow.  This not only makes for a nice presentation, it also makes it extremely difficult for anyone to print any unauthorized copies of your work.  However, using this method takes a great deal of time.  Once one of these slide shows have been produced, they are not easily re-edited.  Therefore anything you can do as described in the following guidelines will help to keep this process running smoothly.

General Guidelines:
  • Each week, a maximum of 20 photos per slide show will be featured.  (Otherwise file size and load times for viewers simply become too excessive, especially for those with dialup connections.)

  • The number of shots featured per photographer will be dependent on the number of photographers submitting, the quality of the shots submitted, as well as shots that may be repetitive in nature. (For example, similar shots of the same car, person, or event, submitted by multiple photographers.)

  • IMPORTANT!  Please, do not submit more than 10 photos per event.  There have been occasions when 30, 40, or more photos have been attached to a single e-mail!  With multiple photographers submitting shots for them same event, the mailbox quickly exceeds it's limit (12 megs) and other's submissions do not get through.  Please, be considerate.

  • Try to submit a mix of action, winners circle, crowd shots, or any shots you feel reflect the excitement and atmosphere of the event.  Try to also include shots of that evening's special events (school buses, street car drags, kid's games, etc.).

When Submitting Photos...
  1. Choose and submit what you feel are your 10 best shots.  (10 shot maximum)

  2. Please be certain they meet the dimensions and format specifications as shown below.  (Our webmaster can take care of of adding your copyright info if you do not have the means to do so.)

  3. If not already listed, be sure to include whatever contact info you want posted on the photographer's page (Name, e-mail address & website URL) so that you can be directly contacted by the viewer.

  4. Images being submitted via e-mail should be sent to  Please note the deadlines for submitting photos listed below.

The Flash animation slide shows featuring SSP's events take up to 2 hours each to create.  Because of time constraints, if you wish to have your photos included, you must submit them before the following deadlines:
  • Photos from Saturday Night events must be submitted no later than 6:30 PM Monday
  • Photos from Sunday Night events must be submitted no later than 6:30 PM Tuesday

Nearly every week there are some excellent shots that are not included simply because they were submitted too late!

Photo Requirements

Images should be in JPG format at a resolution of 72 pixels per inch.

Images should have a maximum height or width of 500 pixels.

If so desired (strongly recommended), place your name and copyright info directly on the photo.

(Note: If you do not have the image editing software to do this, the SSP webmaster will perform this step for you.)

Fore more information or questions on submitting photos, contact Webmaster.